Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 46 Tuesday (11/25/14)

Recipe Review      

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Homemade Frappucino        
Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         I love everything in here, except the coffee.  That is the problem here. I guess I would just love a chocolate shake. I didn’t want to deprive all of you coffee lovers from this recipe, because of my dislike for java.  So here is a great looking recipe.

The Perfect Popcorn

         I am not a popcorn connoisseur, but I know what I love. I have discovered the most amazing LOW-CALORIE popcorn. I have become an addict and Skinny Pop Popcorn is my fix. This amazing brand has four flavors that I have tried to date. My all-time favorite is Black Pepper. It has a kick that I adore. The most decadent is the White Cheddar. They also have a Plain flavor as well as Sweet Popcorn. Black Pepper is only 155 calories for four cups. If you have never tried this brand, give it go. I highly recommend it as it is the key for me to get from lunch to dinner without snacking.

My Gorgeous Girls – “dog beds”

         There are so many types of dog beds on the market. My girls love the type that have a lip or ledge to rest their heads on as they recline. Sage’s bed was purchased with a gift certificate to a store in Geneva Commons called Wet Nose. The bed was about $60.00. Normally, I would not spend that much money on a bed, but with the certificate it only cost me $10.00. This bed is extremely well made. The pink fabric is flannel and baby soft. It has a zipper underneath the brown trim so the cover can be removed for ease in cleaning. Sage loves her bed. Willow however, wants nothing to do with it. It is squishy and she dislikes the movement.
         Willow’s bed is plainer. The outer cover cannot be removed, but the pillow on the bottom can be washed and air dried. Sage, of course, loves both beds and frequently ends up in Willow’s bed at night if she is not on my bed. In warm weather, Willow prefers the bathroom floor or her crate.
         I have always left a crate in the bedroom for the girls. If Sage is ill, she will run to the crate to throw up. Thank God my carpet is saved.  The cook surface makes it ideal for Willow.
         Investigate the perfect bed for your pet. My girls love, love, love their wonderful beds.

Sage in her pretty little bed

Willow loves her bed, but hates being photographed

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