Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 45 Sunday (11/23/14)

Recipe Review      
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Sesame Chicken Salad
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         I found this recipe, but don’t have the time to create it this week.  I thought y’all might enjoy it.

Trivial Triffles

         I just spent the day with my Mom, Ron, and my sister, Susan’s family. One of the highlights of the day was watching my Great-Nephew, Wyatt, play with helium balloons. He loved to kick them, and just carry around one or two by the string. They made him happy.
         Balloons have been around since the 1800’s when Michael Faraday used them in London for a science experiment. If only he knew then, the joy and pleasure these bright orbs would bring to us today.

Memory Musings

         One of the best things I did professionally, was to transfer to the middle school for five years. This was a major change for me. I have always taught fourth or fifth grade so eighth was an eye-opener. I absolutely loved the humor of the older students, but was frustrated with only teaching one subject over and over again. I have tremendous respect for middle and high school teachers who teach the same lessons over and over again. I began to think I had Alzheimer’s. I found out that I needed to teach all of the subjects to feel challenged. I am glad I was there, and thankful I returned to elementary to finish my teaching career.

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