Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 42 Monday (10/27/14)

Week 42         MONDAY

Recipe Review       
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Mummy Dogs
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays
                           Pages: 228 - 229       Copyright:  2013  Harper Collins

I figured out that there are 159 calories per serving, if 16 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

I wrapped them in crescent dough and left a little gap,
 so I could put in two drops of mustard for scary eyes.

They are just beautiful when brown.
They tasted great!

         I loved these little mummies. Maybe, they were so good because I haven’t had a hot dog in more than six months. I loved the dough and just added mustard to top this off.  I think they turned out really cute and I would definitely make them again. These would be extremely popular with kids.

Random Reflections - Bucket List

         Since I am planning to foster large animals when I move to Kentucky, I would like to start learning more about the care and feeding for these animals. I am always excited to learn something new and this sounded like a fun project.

I am going to learn as much as I can about the care of large animals
Make repairs in each and every room of my home to prepare to sell
Research Hadrian’s Wall for visit to Scotland
Enter a quilt in a local fair
Write a book about school for parents
Host a game party
Purchase a truck
I would like to learn more about fostering animals
Visit the narrowed list of Kentucky towns each for a weekend
Have a B.M.I. of 24.9 or lower
Return to Florida/Alabama and see old friends
Play tennis again
Learn to play bridge
Have an in-ground pool
Finish writing a book on the Scent Family
Save up enough money for a down payment on my Kentucky house
Research every town in Kentucky in hopes of relocating
Work on learning calligraphy and bettering daily penmanship
Begin making my own clothing using a mannequin
Volunteer at an animal rescue
Visit all 50 states
Photography courses
Complete all of Mom’s and my scrapbooks
Go skiing again in Colorado
Meet the Duggar family
Watch every nominee and winner for the Academy Awards to date
Remodel my kitchen
Take piano lessons
Write 2 books for my great-nephews
Travel to Wales
Travel to Scotland
Alaskan cruise

Why Weight?

It seemed like I worked hard this week, but only lost a pound. I do have to remember that my metabolism and age may play a part in my current slow down. I guess I should and will be thankful that it is a pound lost instead of gained. At times like this, I have to remind myself to be positive and always try to look on the bright side.

10/19                  Sunday                  1,647 calories         nothing                 
10/20                  Monday                 1,728 calories         Curves                 
10/21                  Tuesday                1,844 calories         Curves
10/22                  Wednesday            1,463 calories         Curves
10/23                  Thursday               2,841 calories         Curves
10/24                  Friday                    1,733 calories         Curves
10/25                  Saturday                1,700 calories         worked in yard cutting                                                                                          back plants

Goal:          64.5 lbs.          (goal: 100 lb. loss between 6/1/14 – 6/1/15)
                  - 1.0 lbs.         this week’s loss
                  63.5 lbs. lbs to go

Sun.                    10/19                  5,716 steps                  2,577 calories burned
Mon.                   10/20                  9,479 steps                  2,975 calories burned
Tues.                  10/21                  7.013 steps                  2,817 calories burned
Wed.`                 10/22                  9,995 steps                  3,068 calories burned
Thurs.                10/23                  8,547 steps                  2,962 calories burned
Fri.                      10/24                  8,992 steps                  2,940 calories burned
Sat.                     10/25                  13,415 steps                 3,354 calories burned

Wants and Wishes

         I want my windows to last until I move. This morning there were some condensation on all of the windows at the bottom and right above the middle where the window locks. Bummer!   I know that is not a good sign, but I need to save my money rather than upgrade the windows for someone I don’t even know. Ohhhhh – that sounded a bit harsh. What I mean is that I don’t want to spend my money here, but save it for my new Kentucky home where I might need to replace their windows.

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