Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 40 Tuesday (10/14/14)

Special Event:  Mom/Sister Dinner       

         I am so fortunate that my family all live close nearby. Last week, my Mom took all of her daughters out to The Lodge for a wonderful dinner. We had some business to take care of, and then shared a special time together. I really enjoyed spending a few hours with my family.
         I told everyone that I would put these pictures on the blog. I laughed that this time we would all have makeup on, since the last time we all appeared together was at the campground.
         These pictures just make me smile.

I love this picture!  Rarely do we have a sister/Mom picture
(From L to R)  Becky, Norma, Diane, Kim, and Susan

We almost lost Susan in this one

Trivial Triffles

         I took the girls to the groomer on Saturday and it seemed like there were pumpkin stands on every corner and at most farms along the way. It was joyful to see the excitement on the faces of the kids as their cars pulled into the farms. I do love pumpkins, but somewhere along the way I have not decorated for any holiday unless I am hosting a party. I think that is because my holiday time was limited and I hated to waste any of it cleaning up and putting things away. I truly believe that I will get into decorating again when I retire.

My Gorgeous Girls       

         Yesterday we went to see Robin, the most magnificent groomer. She works her magic at Sandwich Veterinary Clinic. My girls look beautiful! The trip is exhausting to Sage and Willow because of the stress of the trip in the car, so they collapse in their beds as soon as we arrive home. Poor babies.

Nice Crocs in the picture, Beck
They always come back so shiny.

Don't they gorgeous after a good grooming?

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