Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week 38 Saturday (10/4/14)

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Panfried Kale
         Found in: The Pioneer blog

         Whoa Baby – is this a super food or what? This side dish is even better for you than broccoli. Kale has 133% of the daily value of Vitamin A AND 134% of the Vitamin C.  No wonder I always hear so much about everyone putting kale in drinks and recipes. Well, this one is probably even better because it IS the entire side dish. 

Random Reflections
Yard Art 

Hanging sun

       I love having a tall fence in which to hang objects behind the gardens. This hanging sun is one of my favorite things because it adds a metal texture to the garden and it takes up space on the top of the fence when the plants are shorter. This sun just makes me smile when I look at it.

I love the color and texture

Helpful Home Hints

         I was talking to my nephew, Matt Mendel, of Good Call Plumbing, and he told me that we should never put any cleaner in the back toilet tank. It is fine to put cleaner in the bowl, but never put it in the tank. This can cause all types of problems and rust the vital parts of the tank.  So, please clean that bowl, but leave the tank to the experts.

If you have any plumbing needs call Matt and Steve at:

Good Call Plumbing
Fax  630-365-6748

Tell them Becky sent ya! 

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