Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 41 Monday (10/20/14)

Recipe Review
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Blackberry Cobbler
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog
and this is her other recipe

         Two recipes for the same dish is an interesting idea. Maybe you should make both and have your family decide which is the best dessert. Willow and Sage would never go for that.

Random Reflections - Bucket List #30

       I have never been a wait until the last moment to accomplish a task girl, so I want to begin making any repairs or improvements to the house so it sells quickly. After I am healed from my surgery, I want to be able to take off for Kentucky without worrying about what I need to do to sell this home. Preplanning and beginning work ahead will save time and trouble as the time nears.

Make repairs in each and every room of my home to prepare to sell
Research Hadrian’s Wall for visit to Scotland
Enter a quilt in a local fair
Write a book about school for parents
Host a game party
Purchase a truck
I would like to learn more about fostering animals
Visit the narrowed list of Kentucky towns each for a weekend
Have a B.M.I. of 24.9 or lower
Return to Florida/Alabama and see old friends
Play tennis again
Learn to play bridge
Have an in-ground pool
Finish writing a book on the Scent Family
Save up enough money for a down payment on my Kentucky house
Research every town in Kentucky in hopes of relocating
Work on learning calligraphy and bettering daily penmanship
Begin making my own clothing using a mannequin
Volunteer at an animal rescue
Visit all 50 states
Photography courses
Complete all of Mom’s and my scrapbooks
Go skiing again in Colorado
Meet the Duggar family
Watch every nominee and winner for the Academy Awards to date
Remodel my kitchen
Take piano lessons
Write 2 books for my great-nephews
Travel to Wales
Travel to Scotland
Alaskan cruise

Why Weight?

This week has been a nightmare for me. I overate several days (intentionally). I hate when I know I am ruining the day and then proceed to do it anyway. I had a hard time with the week after baking the pie and cake. I ate a piece of cake for breakfast and lunch and right there were the entire calories for my day. But no, I didn’t stop. I also ate a piece of pie. Apparently, I have lost my mind.
         A day later I was eating coconut M & M’s. They were so good, but I ate too many and I knew that they weren’t tasting good anymore, but I didn’t stop.
         Am I hormonal?  I truly think I have been eating too many calories in the daytime and I know that I need to save the majority of my calories for the evening. I have always been a night eater, and when I only have a small amount of calories I just blow it.
         Okay, tomorrow is Friday. I know that I cannot let this go on, so I will climb right back on the horse and eat 1,600 calories for the next 10 days and I should then be right back where I was. Sometimes, life just stinks!
         My new attitude lasted a whole day and then on Saturday I was eating peanuts and candy corn – something I needed to use for the weekend cooking. Good Lord, there is something to say about not having certain foods in your house.
         Okay Scarlett, tomorrow is another day.

10/12                  Sunday                  2,030         calories         nothing                 
10/13                  Monday                 1,608         calories         nothing                 
10/14                  Tuesday                2,926         calories         Curves
10/15                  Wednesday            1,657         calories         Curves
10/16                  Thursday               2,583         calories         Curves
10/17                  Friday                    1,647         calories         Curves
10/18                  Saturday                1,979         calories         nothing

Goal:            64.6  lbs.          (100 lb. loss between 6/1/14 – 6/1/15)
                  -   0.1 lbs.         this week’s loss
                     64.5 lbs.          lbs to go


Sun.                   10/12                  5,909 steps                  2,616 calories burned
Mon.                  10/13                  5,909 steps                  2,616 calories burned
Tues.                 10/14                  8,547 steps                  2,949 calories burned
Wed.`                10/15                  6,751 steps                  2,759 calories burned
Thurs.               10/16                  7,382 steps                  2,758 calories burned
Fri.                    10/17                  8,840 steps                  2,912 calories burned
Sat.                    10/18                  5,536 steps                  2,549 calories burned

Wants and Wishes

         I had a very difficult week and wish I had made different choices. I have no one to blame, but myself. There have been times in the past year where I have had struggles and have always bounced back. I think I have learned a lot since I began losing weight, so I am not upset or worried about this week, but it is an opportunity to reflect on my triggers and how I deal with them for now and the future.

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