Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 41 Tuesday (10/21/14)

Recipe Review
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Beans and Cornbread

         I love cornbread. I am learning to love beans, but thought this was a bit much for me to eat, so I thought I would just put this recipe out there and let y’all try it first.
Fall in Illinois       

         I love the colors of fall in Illinois. The trees are beginning to turn and the drive is absolutely gorgeous. Take time to enjoy the scenery as you race around running errands or driving to work.

These are the trees in front of my house.
Oh, so beautiful!

The oranges and yellows just take my breath.

These are just beginning 

Oops!  Is there a law yet about
driving and taking pictures?

My Gorgeous Girls       

         A moment of silence, please. We had to bury (in the garbage can) our beloved toys bear and frog last week. They were basically reduced to a spine and head.
         I, being a prepared mother, pulled out a new bear and frog for my sweet little girls. They were so happy and playful getting their new toys.
         In one week, Sage has ripped new frog open down the middle and Willow has licked the thing to death. Most of her is intact however. Any day now I expect her arms and legs to slowly disappear. How can I complain when it hurts nothing but my pocketbook? These toys give my dogs hours of pleasure, and fills their day when I am gone.

My girls must have a vicious streak
when it comes to stuffed animals

Poor new frog


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