Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 40 Wednesday (10/15/14)

Recipe Review
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Orange Crush Cake
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

I figured out that there are 685 calories per serving, if 12 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

Here is the batter in the Bundt pan - notice
that I coated the pan
and floured it to insure it came out in one piece

Here is the pretty finished cake.
I kinda over did the frosting all around. Oops!

         This cake is so easy to make and I love the light orange flavor. I made the cake in my pretty Bundt pan. I took the entire thing to school to share with the masses. Everyone seemed to love it and I rank this one as a huge success. I had one large piece left and took it to Curves where there were additional kudos to Ree’s recipe. A WINNER!

Gabbin’ About Gratitude

         I personally am extremely thankful for television. I love watching T.V.  I remember our first color television set, and how special we felt to have it. Of course, sets in those days were huge and heavy. I loved early T.V.  What could have been better than I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Marcus Welby, and Bonanza?  Please tell me that someone out there knows those shows. I can’t imagine my life without a television.

Memory Musings

         Entering and working at a craft fair was a fun memory for me. I entered several craft fairs over the years. In the early fairs (in the 70’s) I sold what my sisters and I called Phoof phoos. Later, the world called them scrunchies. I think I sold hundreds over the years. My sister, Kim, and her daughter, Maddie, were my models. I had large photos of them up in my display. My sister, Kim’s husband, Greg, made me an amazing display case out of oak. It held all of the product, and displayed it in such an awesome way. Many other crafters commented on his design and execution. My brother-in-law is a gifted craftsman and has taught his sons the business. I am so blessed.
         Who knows?  Maybe there is another craft fair in my future thanks to the success I had because of my sister, her husband, and daughter over the years.

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