Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 40 Sunday (10/19/14)

Recipe Review
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Black Bean Burgers
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

I figured out that there are 663 calories per serving, if 7 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

Here is the mix

The burgers are not beautiful by any means,
but the taste is amazing

The sauce is really amazing

I toasted the bun - yum!
Add a little lettuce

The finished sammy after the cheese is
added and has melted

         I can’t believe how much I loved this burger! Nicole and I were talking on the phone before I made these gems. We both agreed that the store bought burgers were very dry. This one was not dry at all. The sauce blew me away. Of course I did add a lot of hot sauce to the mayo so that it was just right for me.  I froze the extras so I can enjoy them during the weeks to come. 

Trivial Triffles

         I was reading a Real Simple magazine (Mar. 2014 pg. 32) and found a brilliant idea for your shoelaces. On my winter boots the plastic tips of the shoelaces always are ruined and the laces begin to unravel. According the Real Simple, all you have to do is dip the tip into a bottle of polish and it stops the fraying. What a brilliant magazine. Did you now the plastic tip of the lace is called an aglet??  Who knew?

Memory Musings

         After I finished my Master’s degree, my friend, Char, convinced me that we should go for a doctorate degree. At the time, I thought she was crazy. We had just spent all of this time working on this degree and she wanted us to pursue another one. The strongest argument for me was that we were already in the “school frame of mind” so lets just keep going.
         I am very thankful to Char for convincing me to get the degree. One of my favorite NSU memories is of an assignment we had to present to our class one summer in Fort Lauderdale. Our instructor was named Dr. Leverett’s and Char convinced Sharon and I to write a song with her about how we are change agents and what we learned from Dr. Leverett. It was a huge hit and that was all that mattered.  A great memory of my time with my friends Sharon and Char at Nova Southeastern University. I think I have a copy of that song somewhere – when I retire and clean the basement – it will be a real find!

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