Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 33 Wednesday (8/27/14)

A Girls Only Weekend at Mendota Campground!
Entry #2

         As each of us arrived, we waved and had hugs all around. My family truly gets along famously when we are together. This trip was so unique because the guys were absent, which really gave us a lot of time for “girl talk.” I loved talking with everyone individually.

Maddie, on the left, applies a thick layer of bug spray
as Molly and I pose for the camera.

Molly is a first grade teacher. Yes, I think she followed in my footsteps.
She is getting married next summer to a great guy.
Her Mom is my youngest sister, Diane.
Alaina, Maddie, and Mom
Alaina is the mother of a one year old. She left him home in the capable hands of her hubby, Tim. She is a great Mom. Alaina is my sister, Susan's daughter. Alaina is definitely a product of both of her parents. Alaina is naturally funny and like her parents, extremely quick witted.

Who knew we would have jackets on when the forecast called for high 80's?
Alaina, Maddie, Mom, and Kim

Maddie is one of my Godchildren. She was a super star soccer player through college until a wicked knee injury ended her soccer career. Maddie loved being the youngest of my nieces until good ole Rachel came along. Maddie still teases me about being my favorite. She is a great listener and always has a quick comeback. I love her!
         One of the best parts of this trip was being able to go natural. I didn’t wear any makeup or fancy clothes. We weren’t out to impress each other, but just enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company. Okay, so basically I’m saying “Don’t judge how we look – just look for the sheer happiness in our faces.”

Alaina has a bit of a cheesy smile, and Lord knows why
Maddie is covering her mouth.
Mom looks amused watching these two ham bones.

My Mom is an energetic senior citizen. My Dad passed away 20 years ago, but Mom was lucky to find love again, in her husband, Ron. She loves to cook and play golf. She adores her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I love her bunches.

I love this picture of my sister, Kim, and her amazing daughter Maddie.
Don't ya just love a two generation photo of a Mom and her daughter?

Kim follows me in age. Like all of my sisters, she is very close to her three children. Kim is a happy person. My favorite thing to hear is her high pitched Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!  She is always game to have fun and is happily married to Greg.

My sisters Susan and Diane appear to watch Lindsay do ???
Susan is the only blonde daughter in the group. In that respect, she definitely takes after my Mom’s family. She is also taller than the rest of us. Susan organized this trip and is a detail girl. She works with her husband, Rick. Susan is great with numbers and as I said earlier, is so darn funny and quick witted.

Diane is my youngest sister. She is an amazing waitress and has been in that business for years. She still has a teenager (Rachel), which we all know takes a lot of energy. I am so thrilled that Diane could come to this event, because her work frequently gets in the way of her fun. Love ya, Di.

This is Lindsay. She is married to Kim's son Wesley. I have truly enjoyed her this trip because we have never really had a lot of time together to just talk. Lindsay is a fun partner. We played all of the games together and I really loved getting to know her better. 

As you can see from the background, the rain was moving in.

Tomorrow, I will share “most” of the games that Susan selected for us to play. We are a game playing family and extremely competitive. Until tomorrow then……..

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