Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 33 Thursday (8/28/14)

A Girls Only Weekend at Mendota Campground!
Entry 3

Games! Games! Games!
         This trip was so much fun because of the family bonding and the amazing games that filled our Saturday. Susan called them Minute to Win It Games. I kinda remember that show, but I only watched it a couple of times.
         I already said that we were a competitive group and that just heightened the fun. My partner was Lindsay who was a perfect partner for me. She was a gem.
The Hula Hoop Toss
       This game was one I have played before and I loved it. From a distance, Lindsay had to throw the hoop 2 times successfully around a bottle filled with different sodas. Then, I had to do the same. We competed against another team and the winner of the heat received a point on Susan’s chart. There was a lot of laughter, and this was a great starter game.
         This would be a great game for kids to play on a field day!

The hula hoops were the little ones,
not the big ones that kids use.

Diane studies the field and prepares to throw her first hoop.

She throws and rings it right away.  That is so annoying
because she was much better than I was that day!

The Beyonce Bounce
         Yes – I came up with that name after observing my nieces, Maddie and Molly demonstrating how you have to shake the ole bootie to get the ping pong balls out of the Kleenex box wrapped around the derriere. I decided I had no finesse in this area and spent a lot of time jumping around and swaying the big old butt to and fro. I did empty my box before my competitor, but lets just say it was ugly. Really ugly!  This was a hysterical game and we all got to the belly laugh stage as we observed each other. Maddie, Molly, and Alaina definitely won for technique, if not for speed. I cringe at what the people walking by thought of our “little games.” But when it comes right down to it…….who cares?

Molly demonstrate the Beyonce style

Mom gets hooked up

Kim can really shake her bootie. Look at those balls fly.

Are they all out yet?

Stacking the Red Solo Cup
         First of all, I couldn’t remember the name of that country song so I called sister Susan who came through for me. This game reminds me of a college drinking game, which may be where it originated. The partners have to stack 6 cups and basically make a tower on both ends OF A YARDSTICK. Each twosome competed against another team and once again the winning team of the heat received a point. The funny thing about this game was when someone began saying the phrase “This is a stupid game.” (I think it was Diane).
This phrase was used every time anyone had difficulty in a challenge. I guess we all realized our strengths and weaknesses while competing against each other.

Diane and Kim begin balancing on the yardstick.
Be careful girls or they will all come falling down!

They are so focused!

Maddie and Alains give it a go, but off they fell
(just like Humpty Dumpty)

Go Kim Go!  Go Kim Go!

And they are almost there!

Here is our camp leader and the ultimate planner (Sister Susan)

Molly and Mom study the situation. 
Do you think they have potential to become engineers?

That is the end of the today's entry. Tomorrow - yet another entry full of ridiculous, fun challenges.
Stay tuned...

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