Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week 33 Saturday (8/30/14)

A Girls Only Weekend at Mendota Campground!  Entry 5 

                                Games! Games! Games! continued
Today, I want to share the games I named Noodle and Balloons and the Cereal Box Puzzle.

Noodles and Balloons
I find this type of game frustrating because gosh, I stink at it. The nieces went later and had a great strategy that I never even thought of at the time. I thought I had to hold the noodle at the bottom and swing the thing - okay I was dead wrong. I should have figured that one out because the girls asked clarifying questions that should have been a hint to my brain. 

Susan is headed in the correct direction
while I appear to be going backwards!

Diane, Maddie, and Molly prepare to take off.

Does anyone know which way to go?
That is the frustrating part of this game.
The balloon does not understand the plan.

Maddie turns and faces the end goal.

Now, we're off and running!

Kim and Alaina take the challenge on next.

Cereal Box Puzzle
This game is a version of concentration. All of the pieces were square but Susan had cut up the fronts of two cereal boxes which we had to reconstruct while being times. 

Molly tries to beat her Mom, Diane.
This looks easy, but I found it fun and challenging.

A close-up of the action!

The old Captain Crunch Box - well actually
it's the new "peanut butter" Captain Crunch box.
This is the second to the last entry about the trip. So bear with me for one more day and then things will return to normal.

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