Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 33 Tuesday (8/26/14)

A Girls Only Weekend at Mendota Campground!

         This week I am cancelling the cooking and a few other areas to devote the space to my Mom, Sisters, and Nieces.
         My brilliant sister, Susan, came up with the tremendous idea of a girls’ only camping weekend. At first, I was a little anxious as I DO NOT CAMP!  After a whole minute of thought, I totally agreed to this idea IF I could just come for the day and go home that night. My Mom was of the same thought, so the plan was a go and Susan organized the entire weekend.

Let’s start out with a photo of the family.

    The family (from left to right)  back row:  my youngest sister, Diane, then my sister, Kim's daughter in law, Lindsey, Me, Diane's daughter, Molly, my sister, Susan's daughter, Alaina, my sister Kim, and last, but not least, Maddie, Kim's daughter.
         Bottom row (from left to right)  my Mom, Norma, and my sister, Susan.
The photographer was my youngest niece, Rachel who is Diane's youngest child.
         Missing from the event were Brandy, Kim's other daughter in law, Heather, Diane's grandson's Mom, and Josie, Susan's son's girlfriend. We truly missed them!

         Susan selected the campground, as she has been there before. She picked a great wooded campsite with beautiful large oak trees. We had a large site with two areas for a fire, and hookups for electricity and water. There were people in the area, but I must say I didn't see many of them. 

         I loved the campsite and am shocked to admit that I wasn't freaked out by the portapotties. There were actually clean. I still hate that part!  
         Thank Heavens that the girls brought bug spray, since I don't even own a bottle. I avoid being outside after dusk, because I hate to be eatin' alive by them skeeters!  I didn't even have one bite when I arrived home!  YeeHa!

          I am having a terrible time saving this, so I am going to end here. Stay tuned to yet another entry of the Girls Only Camping Trip to Mendota Campground!


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