Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 33 Sunday (8/31/14)

A Girls Only Weekend at Mendota Campground!  
Entry 6 

                                Games! Games! Games! continued
Today, I want to share the games I named Flip the Pencils and the Crepe Paper Twist

Flip The Pencils
I think we had a total of about 8 or 10 pencils spread out on a table. You had to pick up and pencil, balance it on top of your extended fingers, and then throw it in the air and catch it with the same hand. Then you picked up two pencils and did the same thing. If you dropped the pencils you had to start from your last location. We were being timed so the winner was the person who caught all of the pencils the fastest. 

Maddie's down to her last two pencils!

Go Maddie!  Go Maddie!

Mom concentrating on the task at hand

Alaina - almost done

Crepe Paper Twist
I love love loved this game.  Each team was given two rolls of the same color of crepe paper. Only one team member completed this task. We began with it on the ground. When the time started, we were to grab and end and extend both arms and began twirling them like a windmill until all of the crepe paper was off of the ground and wrapped around both arms. I had a great workout on my arms, used the best color of crepe paper (pink), and won my heat.

Just a side note, my niece Rachel, was on the trip but spent almost the entire time in the camper due to horrendous allergies. I wish I had taken pictures of you, Rachel when you emerged, but I didn't think you would appreciate a picture with swollen allergy eyes. I love you bunches, Boo.

The End of the Greatest Sister, Niece, and Mom Day! Tomorrow back to the Blog Schedule.

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