Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 32 Saturday (8/23/14)

Recipe Review         

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Raspberry Cream Pie
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         This pie has a cookie crust base, which already makes me what to eat the thing. It wouldn’t be a rich Ree recipe without the heavy cream. This one has other creamy ingredients to make this luscious. I would like to find a substitute for the raspberries so that I could make the goodness. If anyone can think of a good substitute please let me know.  I love a cream pie.

Random Reflections

Yard Art
Thermometer in shade

         One handy thing to have on the deck is a thermometer. They should be mounted in the shade. I found this cute one sale this summer. I hung in on one of the balusters on the deck. It’s always good to know just how ungodly hot it is outside.

Helpful Home Hints

         Nicole and I were talking garbage can cleanup the other day. My cans are disgusting and I need to take some soap and a brush and bring them back to clean. It is amazing how repulsive they become in such a short amount of time. My goal this week is to take a few minutes and make my cans shine again.

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