Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 64 Tuesday (3/31/15)

A Visit to the Farm

         I truly want to foster animals when I move to Kentucky, so today I spent some time in Maple Park on the farm. I needed to see if my allergies would flare, when I was in a barn or around horses.  I am so happy that I didn’t react. A big thank you to Dr. James Lee for finding Judy and her wonderful animals for me. I am so happy and relieved that it all worked out well.

I passed this co-op on my way out to the farm

There's the farm in the distance
Oops- driving and photographing!

This is the horse I brushed, groomed, and
rub my face on to see how I
would react. He was a sweet old guy. 

Wearing my old oversized clothes and coat doesn't
make for a good picture - but I ended up covered
in horse hair, so it was a good choice. 

You will notice I was talking to Judy the entire
photo time, but here I was sharing my love
with this beautiful horse. 

Tall, dark, and beautiful

I was literally surrounded by horses,
and loved every minute of it.

I could have stayed there all day.

This one snuck up behind me

Aren't they amazing?

Jeez Louise! I love them all!

I think my hair smelled good.
The one I am petting is young.

I love the stalls. Judy's family is the
fifth generation on this farm.
The stalls are so awesome.

They also had four dogs, so I took
this picture on my way to the car.

My Gorgeous Girls

         I love this plaque that I saw on the wall at the Veterinary Clinic. It is a reminder that our pets are with us forever, even in Heaven. I believe that even if I have never read it in the Bible. I think I believe this because I need to think and believe that I will be reunited with all of my girls when I get to Heaven.

I don't know who Buddy Olson
is, but I adore the plaque.

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