Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 63 Tuesday (3/24/15)

Recipe Review      

No blog today either – what is wrong we me???  I think I am tired and need a couple of days break from the stove.  Stay with me - I always bounce back....I hope.

Craft Corner

         One of my goals over Spring Break is to spend some time working on a craft. I do not care what it is, but I truly miss crafting and need to begin a project or continue working on an old one.  Anything will do for me.

My Gorgeous Girls

Check out this website:

         This made me so sad, and at the same time happy.  As a person who has struggled with their weight an entire lifetime, one thing I do correctly is make sure that my dogs maintain a perfect weight. This poor dachshund was so overweight, that it couldn’t move well. It does end happily however, as an ideal was reached eventually. I can’t believe that dachshund went from 65 to 12 pounds.

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