Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 59 Sunday (2/28/15)

Recipe Review
Today’s Recipe and Location:  Eight Layer Dip                 
Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays
                  Pages:  42 - 32     Copyright:  2013  Harper Collins

         I have frequently enjoyed the Layered Mexican Dip during the holidays. Ree’s version is much more hearty and slightly different than what I am used to. Ree adds her wonderful Pico de Gallo as a topper. The fresh cilantro and avocado are a change from the old store bought version. I also was thrilled with the grilled corn, too.  As usual, Ree took a standard dip and made it bigger and better than what you can purchase at the store. Ree’s dip is only located in her Holiday Book.  Have you asked yourself yet, why you haven’t purchased this book?  Do it now!  It will be one of the best purchases you have made this year.

Ignore the jello and chocolate
chips in the background.

Let's begin by making the Pico de Gallo

Spread the refried beans in the bottom of the pan

Next, comes the sour cream

Two different cheeses
What could be better?

I added the Pico de Gallo (minus the tomatoes)

Lastly, I added the corn and black olives 

Trivial Triffles

         I was just listening to Joel Osteen this morning, and his sermon was on living large. He shared that people set their sights lower than God has done. He advised the audience to live your best, fullest life. He said that many people may discourage you from taking chances, trying something new, or spreading your wings. Many people dislike change and want me to feel the same way, too.
         Boy, is he right in my current situation. I AM moving to Kentucky. I have many people sharing information they know, which I do appreciate. However, so far every single thing shared is a negative, or hearsay. Some people haven’t even been to Kentucky, or have just driven through the state, yet seem to know that the people there are uneducated and backwards. Others have talked to one or two people and taken their opinion as gospel. I am not an impulsive or stupid person. I am researching all of the areas where I might move and plan to spend time in my top ten choices. If they are not what I am looking for, then I will return to the drawing board and look elsewhere.
         I love that my friend, Deborah, shared a healthcare concern with me. That was helpful information that I needed to know about the state.  I will research that issue further. I am listening to everyone, and their opinion because the more I learn and hear, whether true or opinion, can only help me. It just amazes me how others, though, can only see the bad, and not also search for or think of what is the good.  Oh well, I want to hear it all, and then I will decide what is right for my future.

Memory Musings

         One of the funniest things we did at college was to celebrate Joe Dykstra Day on March fifth. I am sure no one has ever even heard of Joe Dykstra, but he was our star basketball player at W.I.U. when I attended school. One of the girls on 16 East, Higgins Hall, Kendra Kmitta, was fascinated with Joe Dykstra. She began the Joe Dykstra Celebration on our floor. Now, I don’t believe Joe knew any of the girls on 16 East even existed. But, we sure did enjoy our party, in his honor.  What a bunch of crazy girls I went to school with then. I wonder where they all are now.

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