Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week 62 Saturday (3/21/15)

Recipe Review         
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Strawberry Ice Cream        
Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays
                  Pages:  216 - 217     Copyright:  2013  Harper Collins  OR

         Once again, I selected a recipe for you that has strawberries (so I don’t have to make it).  I thought the ice cream would be pink, but it was pretty white with red flecks. It looked so refreshing that I actually got up and checked my freezer.  It was a sad moment when I discovered that there was no ice cream anywhere.  Oh well – there is always tomorrow and my trip to Walmart.

Random Reflections

         I have discovered a new store. I was in Sandwich picking up dog food today, and was told to go to Rural King. This is a wonderful store similar to Farm and Fleet.  Because I will be working on a dairy farm over break, I needed to purchase Muck Boots. Not only did I find these, but really cute colored Croc-like shoes, and yard ornaments.  Did you know that you can buy spices there for about 79 cents.  Holy Moly – I had a field day. I even found a really cute skirt and biscuits cutters.  Okay, those two didn’t go together, but I was darn excited about this trip.  These boots are not beautiful, but will definitely fit the bill for a day on the farm.

Here are my Rural King purchases
minus the yard ornaments that are
already in the garage 

Look at the size of these spices that only cost 79 cents!

I love these shoes for the garden!
Whenever I find baby shoes, I buy them
in case I ever get a great niece

I love these Muck Boots.  They will support my feet when
I muck out a stall, or work with the animals.
Don't ya just love my new purple pail to collect weeds?

Helpful Home Hints

         Have you walked around your house lately and inspected the home for winter damage?  I walked the house this week and noticed one of the gutters had been damaged during the roofing, and it was made worse when the ice built up in the gutter.  The ice forced the gutter further away from the house. I contacted the roofer, and they are coming back to repair it.  I am also in search of the roll-out that you attach to a downspout. It is a rolled up tube that helps divert water away from the house. In my case, I need to divert the water into the yard. The water is rushing down the flowerbed and carrying the mulch down the hill. If I can find this rollup, I will save my flowerbeds from destruction. This is the time of year where I can’t wait to begin working in the yard.  Let the sun shine!

This little L-shape piece of gutter must be replaced

It is bent and pulling away from the house

A close-up of the damage

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