Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 55 Thursday (1/29/15)

Recipe Review
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Christmas Rum Pudding Cake
Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays
         Pages:  324 - 325     Copyright:  2013  Harper Collins   OR

         I was trying to discover the history of rum cake or rum pudding cake, and everywhere I looked the Caribbean was mentioned. Rum was big with the pirates who sailed in the island area. Rum cake became a holiday tradition in this area of the world. I have no idea who first brought it to America, but they didn’t have far to travel to get here.
         I’m not big on the taste of alcohol, so I was not really interested in creating this cake. Maybe, I will make it to take somewhere next Christmas.

Random Reflections

Click on this website and join in the singing:

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along – if I remembered them correctly.

Come and listen to the story of a man named Jed
A poor mountaineer barely kept the family fed.
And then one day he was shootin’ at some food,
And up through the ground came a blubblin’ crude
Oil that is black gold, Texas tea.

Well, the next thing ya know it old Jed’s a millionaire
The kinfolk said, “Jed move away from there”
They said Californey is the place you ought to be
So they loaded up the truck, and they moved to Beverly.
Hills that is. Swimmin’pools, movie stars

       Why the sudden interest in the Beverly Hillbillies? It all came about when I read that Donna Douglas, aka Elly May Clampett, died at the age of 81 of cancer. She passed away at her home in Louisanna.
         Donna portrayed Elly May for nine seasons. She was a unique character on the show. She was rough and tough and a strong animal lover. She was the first animal whisperer.
I also saw her in an Elvis movie, but I don’t remember which one.
         Okay, did you sing the song?  Come on – don’t be embarrassed – we all know it – don’t we?

Irksome Ideas and Images

         This is such a dumb thing to write about, but when has that ever stopped me?  One of the greatest irritations to me is when I am ready to climb into the shower in the morning, and my towel is still in the dryer from yesterday. This could so easily be resolved except that it is drying while I get ready for school. and finishes as I am leaving the house. Of course I don’t remember it when I get home. Oh well – this is probably just a low priority issue, or is it a memory one?  Either way – it still bugs me in the morning.

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