Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week 51 Saturday (1/3/15)

Recipe Review       
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Petite Vanilla Scones                 
Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

I figured out that there are 181 calories per serving, if 38 scones are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

The frosting just oozes down the sides.

Thank God for foil that keeps my 
counters clean while I frost the scones

The recipe made 38 gorgeous scones

         Ree is a God when it comes to making scones. I swear that each one is better than the previous scone. I love this one. I bought my first vanilla bean and scraped the caviar out of the middle, just like Ree did on the show.  I felt very professional as I scraped the bean. How weird!  Ree’s beans were definitely larger and more fresh than mine, so there was a bit of jealousy going on here.
         I made so many of these little gems that I took some to my Aunt Ada and another package to my Mom. We also shared some for lunch. Mom really liked them, too.
         If you have never made scones, then you need to be bold and daring and try something new!!!

Random Reflections

         One of the things that makes me a frustrated woman, is getting a ring off of my finger when it is totally stuck. At certain times, I retain water and have a great deal of difficulty getting my rings off of my fingers. Usually, I can trace the problem to eating a lot of salt, but it also could be that time of the month, too. 
         The best advice I received from State Street Jewelers is to use dishwashing soap, like Dawn, to get your ring off of the finger. It not only helps the ring slide off, but it also gives it a pretty shine, too.

Helpful Home Hints

         If you have a stainless steel sink like I have, there is a great way to bring out the shine. After washing the sink with Soft Scrub, I used car polish on the sink and the faucet fixtures to bring out the beautiful shine in the sink.  I tried this and it really worked great!

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