Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Week 51 Wednesday (12/31/14)

Recipe Review
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Spinach Artichoke Pasta        
Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         I looked through this recipe several times, because the artichokes just called to me. I love artichokes and cheese. and if I could just make this without the spinach, then it would be perfect for me. In fact, that is something that I probably will try. Ree has so many great pasta recipes that include cheese, that adding artichokes sounds wonderful!

Gabbin’ About Gratitude

I am extremely grateful for refreshed hair and Colleen Addante. It feels great to have a talented beautician who works wonders with my hair. I love having it cut and colored. I always look forward to my appointments and how shiny and pretty it will be after she styles it. Thank God, for Colleen.

Memory Musings

         I am so happy that I received notification about another engagement. My nephew, Matthew called to tell me that he is engaged to Heather. I am so happy for them. I love that my family is growing in leaps and bounds. That makes three family members currently engaged.  I love it! Isn’t love grand?

The happy, newly engaged couple

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