Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 47 Saturday (12/6/14)

A big Happy Birthday to my sister, Susan Kunzelman

Here are some wonderful pictures of my sweet sister:

At a family Christmas party

...with her fabulous husband, Rick,
at the wedding of their daughter Alaina a summer picnic with our sister, Kim
(today they become the same age for 10 days)

...and finally, singing backup for their husband's band at
my wonderful nephew, Wesley's, wedding reception
Happy Birthday Susan!

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Christmas Cherry Cookies
Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays
                  Pages:  308 - 309     Copyright:  2013  Harper Collins         OR

       These cookies are so pretty but cherries are a no no for me. I always see these pretty cookies during the holiday season.
         I googled cherry cookies and was shocked to see the pages and pages of recipes for these gems. They were are similar, but had little nuances that made them all unique. If you are into fruity cookies, I am sure that Ree makes a wicked good cookie.
Random Reflections

       Today, I went Christmas shopping, which is why this blog is posted so late. I am thrilled that I finished shopping for all of my great nephews as well as my niece Rachel. I have only one more gift to purchase and I am done for 2014. 
         What I did notice, is that the stores were not even full or busy. They were well staffed, and had so many cashiers that were waiting for a single person to wait on at the registers. Boy oh boy, did I pick the perfect time to do this final task for the year.

Helpful Home Hints

         I now have a new problem with my house. I must say that I am not enjoying having to deal with all of this nonsense. The weather stripping underneath all of my exterior doors desperately needs to be replaced. The stripping is ripping out and peeling away from the bottom of the door. I can actually see light underneath the back door. So, if you haven’t checked the house for drafts and worn out weather stripping, you might want to take a minute to see if you will be paying more this winter like this girl.

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