Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 49 Monday (12/15/14)


       Yesterday, Saturday the 13,th was our family Christmas. We moved the large family Christmas to another day, because my married nieces and nephews had two or three houses to go to on Christmas Day. We only had maybe an hour or two when everyone was present. It always seemed like someone was in a hurry to leave, so I suggested two years ago, that we move our Christmas to another day, so we can have everyone stay the entire time.
         We had such a wonderful day and everyone came. I love spending time with all three of my sisters and their growing families. Having three great nephews there, made it joyful. Their excitement brought back the true spirit of Christmas.
         Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of everyone from yesterday, so I will substitute pictures so you can see the entire family. Today, I will focus on my Mom and Ron, and Kim’s family. Susan’s family will be on tomorrow’s blog, and Diane’s will appear on Wednesday.

Here are Mom and Ron. We were so blessed to
have them with us this Christmas.

Mom and Ron

         I can’t imagine my life without my Mom and Ron. We talk several times a week and Mom really enjoyed her time with her family this weekend. It is special when we all get together.

One of the joys of this season is seeing my
Mom with her three great-grandsons
(L to R:  Wyatt Erd, Colton Mendel, and Nicholas Lehman)
Greg has been in our family over 35 years,
and is married to Kim. He is a true brother.

Apparently, I didn't take any pictures this year of the adults.
This is Kim with her grandson, Nick two years ago.

Cory is Kim's oldest son.
Here, he is at the summer picnic.

Brandy, Cory's wife, a few 
years ago with her son, Nick
She may look familiar because she was
originally a critic for Ree's food.

This is my favorite picture of Kim's second 
son, Wesley, at his cousin Alaina's wedding.

Lindsey, is Wesley's wife and the 
newest addition to our family.  

Maddie (in yellow), is Kim's youngest and my Godchild.

Wants and Wishes

         My family and I want to 
wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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