Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week 50 Tuesday (12/23/14)

Recipe Review      
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Creamed Spinach                 
Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         The idea of eating spinach sends my mind reeling, but making it creamed is beyond anything I imagined. As a kid, my Grandma made creamed corn, which everyone loved, except me. I love corn but why must we cream it? I wonder if people who love spinach raw also like it creamed. It looks great, but I know it tastes green.

Craft Corner

         I am so excited. Three of my students gave me knitting supplies, and I can’t wait to begin a new project, or even finish the ones that I have already started. I think I am going to dig out the lavender and white quilt that I began a few years ago. I am sewing the entire thing together by hand. Crafting is so much fun and needs to become part of my daily life. Right now I barely even fit it into my weekly schedule.

My Gorgeous Girls

         Today, is rainy and cold and all Sage thinks about is playing Frisbee. She brought it to me when I was balancing my checkbook, paying bills, loading the washing machine, and even when I was in the bathroom.

         She so loves this toy. Playing catch gives her such joy and happiness. Unfortunately, I was just not interested. Poor, poor Baby Sage.

She even looks sad

I reeeeeeeally want to play

It's okay.... I'll just walk around and look dejected

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