Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 49 Thursday (12/18/14)

                       What the Beck?

Today’s photos are of the next generation: my great-nephews.

Nicholas is the oldest of my great nephews.
He is frequently quiet and reflective and a great hugger.
Here is his with my Mom, his great grandmother.

Let's open the presents!

This pirate has just opened my present to him, a Transformer. 

He truly loved the pirate "stuff".

Uncle Shane is trying to get his sword.

Next, comes Colton ....
Colton and Dad share a moment
I love this picture of Colton and his Aunt Rachel

Colton begins ripping off the paper as cousin,
Wyatt, watches his technique.

The boys are all busy with the presents
in Kim and Greg's living room this year

This is one of my favorite pictures of Colton.
It was taken at least a year ago, and has been my screen saver
ever since. Colton has eyes that take your breath.

The final great nephew is one year old Wyatt.

Wyatt gets help from Dad, Tim,
in opening this year's present

This is one of my favorite photos of Wyatt.
I love this baptism picture.

He is such a happy little boy.
He loves balloons, running, and his Grandpa.

This is the intellectual Wyatt - college bound.
I am a proud Godmother.

Random Reflections

         I was reading April 2014’s O Magazine when I read an article written by Brene’ Brown. After reading this article, I sat there thinking about my behavior and that of those I know. Brown stated that we all judge people a lot, which is a waste of time. She said that we need to examine “WHY” we feel the need to be so judgmental. What are we getting out of it? I thought this was important to look at myself and try to be less judgmental of others. The first step is to be mindful of where I am coming from while judging others. I love it when I read an article that helps me improve myself.

Irksome Ideas and Images
         As a teacher, one of my pet peeves is when kids dog ear a page in a book. Doesn’t everyone know that that is what bookmarks are for?  I personally love Post-It flags. They are smaller and stay where they are put. So if you are one of those bend the page down people, invest in a bookmark please.

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