Saturday, December 27, 2014

Week 50 Saturday (12/27/14)

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Grilled Chicken Salad with Feta, Corn,                                                       and Blueberries        
Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         I love everything in this recipe, except the blasted blueberries. I thought about making it without them, but that would be too much of a change from the original recipe. One thing I have always tried to do is to stay true to Ree’s recipes. This helps me write an honest review.
         This one would be a great lunch.

Random Reflections

         I was reading the paper last week and read that Mary Ann Mobley had died at the age of 77. She passed away due to breast cancer.
         In 1959, she won the Miss America title. She was very young and pretty.
         I remember her well from old TV shows. She always seemed like a happy person. I know she was married to Gary Collins. I don’t know for how long, or if he is even alive. I remember her fondly from her playing on Match Game with Gene Rayburn. She was also on those shows that have a lot of guest stars like: Love American Style, and Fantasy Island.
         I hate when I read this in the paper, but it does make me think of happy, fond memories of the past, too.

Helpful Home Hints

         My Grandmother was one smart cookie. In the summer months, my G-Ma used to run the dehumidifier in the basement. She poured the water she collected into empty milk bottles. She used the water in the winter for her houseplants. She saved money and gave her plants the nourishment they needed. It is a small gesture, but her generation realized the value of saving pennies. 

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