Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 51 Tuesday (12/30/14)

Recipe Review
Today’s Recipe and Location:           Steakhouse Pizza        
Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I actually love pizza and steak, but have never put them together. I probably should have tried this recipe out, but I am a pepperoni and black olive pizza girl. If you want to venture into a fun pizza, try this one.

Craft Corner       

         This morning I went to Walmart for groceries, and I saw a woman with a large storage container. That triggered a thought, that I have yarn everywhere in my sewing room, and I need a few large containers to organize my yarn. Thank Heavens there are so many options for storage, so that people like me can store supplies in a common location which makes creating that next project a success.

This is the wrapping paper container I bought.
It is turned on its side.  It is really long!
I love the fact that is in on wheels!

It only took a minute to totally fill this one.
Thank Heavens that I purchased two containers. 

My Gorgeous Girls       

         Boy, am I late on the Christmas card front. So, being creative, I decided to send New Year’s Cards, instead. Here are the photos I took for the card. I have yet to select the actual card photo.

Sage looks so melancholy

It's good, but Sage is hard to see.

Same problem

I don't like the quilt in the background

Could they look unhappier?

I like this one, but Willow looks like
she is being choked by the bow.

Sisterly love

I just don't know which to pick

Come on girls, smile for the camera

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