Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 57 Wednesday (2/11/15)

Recipe Review      

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Strawberry Granola Pancakes
Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         These pancakes look absolutely amazing. They are filled with healthy goodness and are a really pretty breakfast. I can see this being a special breakfast that most kids would really enjoy. I also think that adults would eat this as a treat.

Gabbin’ About Gratitude

         Since I began cooking a great deal, one of the major things I am thankful for are spices. I was never a cook, and I have learned so much by cooking all of Ree’s recipes. I truly enjoy all of the new flavors I have encountered by using spices in the dishes. Do I know what always goes in what dish?  Heck no! I am a great recipe follower, but not writer and creator.  What I do know is that for me, Ree has been a blessing and has changed my life in so many ways.  Thank God for wonderful spices and Ree Drummond.

Memory Musings

         I recently was offered a job that would begin after I retire. I was at my Mom’s house when she had a bridge game. A wonderful woman named Kate Dunn was present. I have known Kate for years, as I once helped serve at a party at her home when I was a teenager. Kate asked me if I would consider cooking and serving at parties that she holds in her home. She no longer likes to prepare the food for her gatherings and suggested that this might be something that I could do based on my work with creating the meals in Ree Drummond’s blog and books. I was so flattered that she would consider using my new talents, and I thanked her. Is this something that I am ready to commit to at this time? No – not yet.  Is it something I might do after I discover the pros and cons of retirement? Possibly, because I would like to keep all of my options open. Life may be very exciting in my retirement years.

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