Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week 55 Sunday (2/1/15)

What the Beck?

The snow blanketed the yard on Sunday

The gazebo looks beautiful

My beautiful grasses look sad

The trellis is like a piece of art,
though a little cock-eyed

Sage turned around and around until she made a path

The girls loved playing on the deck

The tree in the front yard took my breath

Thank God for snowblowers - It looked
beautiful for about 10 minutes and then
it filled in again

Serpico's tree was beautiful
laden with snow

Sage is a snowy mess

Are you cold, baby Sage?

The evergreens are droopy, too

The water on the window make this an interesting picture.
Joe Serpico is actually snowblowing!
Normally, he's a shoveling kind of guy!

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