Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 57 Thursday (2/12/15)

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:   Veggie Chili

         This is an interesting chili, but there are four different kinds of beans and zucchini in it so it definitely not for me. My Mom would love this because she makes a lot of dishes with a lot of beans in it. I am sure it is much better for you than the meat version, but basically I am a meat and potatoes girl so I’ll pass on this dish.  I am sure all of you will love it, however.

I promise to cook tomorrow and share the pictures. 
Stay tuned tomorrow for a rich three ingredient dessert. Oh My! 

Random Reflections

         I was looking through Ree’s blog, The Pioneer Woman, and I continue to be amazed at this brilliant woman. She must have endless energy. She home schools her four children, and then writes a blog on the side. She is an amazing cook who has published three cooking books that are the best buys out there. You may not know it but she is also a professional photographer who shares photos of her food as well as those she loves in her life. She has written four children’s books about her bassett hound named Charlie. She lives on a beautiful ranch in Oklahoma with her gorgeous husband, Ladd, who she lovingly refers to as Marlboro Man. Whew!  I am tired just listing a few of her accomplishments.  I highly admire her for it all. Way to go, Ree. You are my hero.
Irksome Ideas and Images

         One of the favorite foods in my life is pizza. To be specific – I adore a pepperoni, black olive and extra cheese dream. The problem with my favorite dish is that once it comes out of the oven, I cannot stop myself from eating it before it cools.  This doesn’t sound like much of an irksome problem until the peeling begins. I swear that the entire roof of my mouth peels away within minutes of finishing my dinner. This is so stupid because I have done it so many times that you would think the roof of my mouth would be permanently scarred. Oh well – will I ever learn?  I doubt it.

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