Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week 57 Saturday (2/14/15)

Recipe Review

No cooking today – but a lot going on tomorrow

Random Reflections

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When did it begin? “It all began with a Saint Valentine in the Middle Ages.”

What does love have to do with a Saint?  One version said: “The emperor Claudius II wanted single soldiers so he outlawed marriage.  St. Valentine secretly performed marriages and was put to death.” Another version said “St. Valentine sent the first valentine letter.”

Why is it celebrated in February? “One version said: This holiday is in honor of St. Valentine.  He died in February.”

What is the oldest valentine located to date? said that in the British Library in London, they have a valentine from 1415 from the Duke of Orleans to his wife.

What countries celebrated this pink and red holiday? listed the countries of:  The U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with hugs and kisses and chocolate candy.  I personally will be having a fabulous dinner of Beef Tenderloin wrapped in bacon. Yeah!

Helpful Home Hints

         Today, I am preparing my tax information, so I can file my taxes on Monday. I love organizing the materials and papers, and cleaning out the old files and preparing the new for 2015.  Have you cleaned out your files or do you like to wait until a date closer to April 15th.  I personally prefer to file in February.

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