Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 27 Tuesday (7/15/14)

Recipe Review      

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Lemon Blueberry Pancakes
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         As much as I wish I could eat these pancakes I have to remind myself that I can’t. The idea of lemon anything is so refreshing and good that I want it.. The blueberries mixed with the lemons is such a great summer meal and a treat. Try these and let me know.

Craft Corner       

         Baby sweaters are my new favorite item to create. I have been making them for a year, after my friend Madonna taught me what I need to create one. I grew as a student because when I tried a new book, I actually taught myself some stitches by going on Youtube and watching videos of someone actually demo-ing how to complete the stitch.  I love learning something new!

Here is the entire set put together

This is one of my favorite sweaters - the colors are marvelous

This is the first one I ever made. I was so proud!

My Gorgeous Girls              

        This has been a week of playing Frisbee. The girls must have brought me their Frisbee nine or ten times each day. Of course, we only played about three times a day, which thrilled them. 

Sage is do driven when it comes to frisbee

Willow is almost 100% as this photo shows.
She is really into playing again. Thank God!

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