Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 25 Sunday (7/6/14)

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Grilled Veggie Burrito
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         Whoa Baby I love a burrito.  Now this one is a healthier version than I am used to eating. This grilled burrito is filled with the typical lime rice but then goes much deeper into veggie goodness. Try it!
Trivial Triffles

         Two weeks ago I went to the eye doctor. I had been there three years prior and at that time he said everything was great and that he would see me in three years. My visit was great and I just love Dr. King. He has a practice in Geneva. When I was in the waiting room, I realized that the average age in the room was 80. I felt so young. I usually also feel that way when I am at the cardiologist’s office.  My suggestion – if you ever want to feel vital or young – drop in to a eye doctor or cardiologist and just enjoy sitting in the waiting room.

Memory Musings

         When I was in high school, I received my first typewriter and correction tape for Christmas.  The typewriter was a powder blue color. I loved this machine because it was the first one our family had at that time. I was taking typing in high school and liked the extra time to practice my skills. 
         I learned to hate that correction tape.  For you old timers, you remember putting in the correction tape and retyping the letter. Of course, it didn’t completely cover the letter and after retyping the new letter, the paper never looked as nice.
         At that time, that is the best we had to use. Ah-----memories.

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