Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 26 Saturday (7/12/14)

Recipe Review         

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Bruschetta
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

       This is the perfect hors de oeuvre. This is a light hors de ouvre and filled with goodness. This is the time to make this recipe as the tomatoes and herbs are fresh now, which heightens the taste.  Enjoy!

Random Reflections

Yard Art
         I have now decorated my yard with fun items and thought I would take this last random reflections section for the summer and share some fun yard items.

Bird Baths

     I adore bird baths. I have three glass ones and one made of metal. The glass bird baths are low to the ground and colorful. They all have different designs and add a lot of beauty to the gardens as well as help the birds get a drink after spending the day in the hot sun. I purchased all three of them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, a few years ago in the late spring. They are wonderful.

This is my one and only metal bird bath. It is surrounded by beautiful daisies

I love how vibrant this is in the garden. The green is shiny.

This is by far my favorite. It is such a pop of color and
I have this one on the front walkway to the house.

I adore dragon flies as I live by a pond and we see them frequently.
This is a gentle fragile looking bird bath and I just adore it.

Helpful Home Hints

         This year has been a bad year for ants. I heard a lady in the grocery store asking for polenta, which I think is like flour. The clerk took her to the correct aisle and I heard her explain to him that she used it to kill ants. She just sprinkled it on her counter and for some reason the ants disappeared after a day or so. This sounded intriguing to me so I thought I would share it with all of you.
         I can’t say that I have tried this yet, because I had some what I call “mini ants” in the spring but they are gone. So we can try this together when they appear. It’s probably not a good idea to share this with you without testing it, but I am currently antless. Let me know if this works for you.

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