Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 24 Monday (6/23/14)

Recipe Review

In case you didn’t read this yesterday, I am trying something new this week.
         I have an upcoming colonoscopy, and am so limited in what I eat this week, that I can’t create and review many recipes. So I was thinking about putting something new in this section and then I had an epiphany. I am going to talk about some recipes I wish I could create, but wouldn’t, because of allergies or just because I don’t like certain types of food.
I hope you appreciate the new recipes even though there will be no review.

Today’s Recipe and Location:   Heavenly Hummus Wrap
Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         This recipe really calls to me, partially because it is really pretty and because it sounds so good. This one is a no no because the hummus messes with my Coumadin. So all things made of chick peas are out.
         I learned something new today – there are spinach tortillas.  Who knew?  Leave it to them to put a veggie in a tortilla.  Maybe this is a way I can get a serving of veggies in my diet.  Does it count if it is in tortilla form??  Somehow, I think it lost some of the benefits when you changed the form.        
         The other thing that calls to me are the artichoke hearts.  I love an artichoke dip – does that count? I know artichokes have lots of fiber. That’s good! They also don’t have a lot of fat or calories. That’s good! They have antioxidants. That’s good!  Lastly, they have potassium and Vitamin C. We can’t get too much of them. That makes them great!
         Now, if I could only figure out something to substitute for the hummus, I would be “in like Flynn.”  Who the heck was Flynn?  Somebody email me and give me a substitute so I can make and review this one.

Random Reflections - Bucket List

         My handwriting is pretty clear and easy to read, but I would like to improving it, as well as learning many different types of calligraphy.  I love beautiful handwriting and aspire to have it myself.

Becky’s Bucket List #13
Work on learning calligraphy and bettering daily penmanship
Begin making my own clothing using a mannequin
Volunteer at an animal rescue
Visit all 50 states
Photography courses
Complete all of Mom’s and my scrapbooks
Go skiing again in Colorado
Meet the Duggar family
Watch every nominee and winner for the Academy Awards to date
Remodel my kitchen
Take piano lessons
Write 2 books for my great-nephews
Travel to Wales
Travel to Scotland
Alaskan cruise

Why Weight?

         6/15                  Sunday                  2,633         calories         nothing        
         6/16                  Monday                 2,022         calories         Curves                 
         6/17                  Tuesday                1,554         calories         Curves
         6/18                  Wednesday            1,963         calories         Curves
         6/19                  Thursday               2,484         calories         Curves
         6/20                  Friday                    1,564         calories         nothing
         6/21                  Saturday                1,837         calories         nothing

Goal:          89.0   lbs.          (100 lb. loss between 6/1/14 – 6/1/15)
                  - 0.7   lbs.         this week’s loss
                   88.3 lbs to go

         Whoa, what a slow down. I know that I cannot have three days over 2,000 calories, but I did it this week and the price I paid was in a minimal weight loss. There was one day that I would eat anything in front of me. What is that about?  Oh well, Scarlett, tomorrow is another day.

Wants and Wishes

         I am sitting here this morning anxious for my fabulous plumbers to arrive and fix the toilet that I broke a few weeks ago. It kept running so I thought I could repair it myself by bending the rod – but I heard a snap.  Oops!  Big mistake. The toilet kept running, so in a panic I called my nephew, at the crack of dawn, and told him what I had done. He had me shut off the water to it and make an appointment for them to come over to repair my booboo.  I decided to wait until school was out to have them come and today is the day. Yeah!!! I am also having them replace the water hose to the washer, as I heard it should be done every 10 years and mine is going on 16. This is going to be a fabulous day, thanks to Good Call Plumbing.
         When was the last time you replaced your water hose to the washer?  Don’t wait until it bursts and you now have major water damage. Just call:

Good Call Plumbing
Fax  630-365-6748

Tell them Becky sent ya! 

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