Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 23 Tuesday (6/17/14)

Recipe Review             

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Bacon-Wrapped Scallops with Chili Butter
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

I figured out that there are 433 calories per serving, if 4 scallop servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

         I love most kind of seafood and scallops are a fav of mine. The bacon adds so much flavor to the scallops and the chili butter was great.  Next time, I will add more chili to the chili butter because I know love spicy food and this was a little to mild for my current taste buds.

Craft Corner              

       One of the things I love to give at baby showers is a basket full of shoes and socks. Baby shoes are so darn cute and lets face it, they are a luxury. Babies don’t need them, because they never put their feet on the ground, but I love the little gems in a basket. One of the ways to make this a more reasonable gift is to always check out the baby section in store like Babies R Us or others similar stores for sales on shoes.  I have purchased most of my shoes for half price.  Wrap the basket up in some tulle and put a big pink, blue, or purple reason and wait for the oohs and ahhs.

This is a large container full of baby shoes and socks

Here are some of my girl supplies - I just love them!

This is one of the baskets I found for $1.00.
It is already cute and doesn't need any decorations or bows.

My Gorgeous Girls

         I am blessed to have an amazing groomer named Robin (at Sandwich Veterinary Hospital), but other people elect to groom their pets at home. I go to the groomer because I am allergic to my girls’ dander, but my allergy is under control with medicine. My fabulous pulmonary specialist suggested that I take precautions to lesser my allergy reactions so I decided to always have the girls groomed and eliminate the problem.  One of things that I always ask Robin to do is to file the girls’ nails with a Dremel drill. This takes the sharp edge off of the nails so they do not puncture my leather furniture.  The Dremel drill is a fabulous tool that every one who grooms their dogs should have in their possession.  SAVE YOUR FURNITURE – Dremel today!

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