Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What the Beck??
Are you starting to wonder when this trip description will ever be over?  I think I have one more day of it.  Stay with me!

My Second Trip to Kentucky

    My next stop was Owingsville, Kentucky. I was really excited about this town because it was my #1 favorite town after looking on Zillo for land. The properties looked perfect, so I thought I had better check them out.
         When I talked to the Owingsville Policemen, they said it was a quiet controlled town where they could only remember one time of “excitement” in their world. That was years ago, but they told me that they issued the first “Amber Alert” in the state. Apparently, a nurse at the hospital was pregnant. A second nurse commented to her that she should be having her baby any day now. She just said that in passing. The first nurse panicked because she was actually faking a pregnancy. While on duty, this pregnant “fraud,” who worked as a nurse in the baby delivery room, stole a newborn immediately after it was born to cover her fake pregnancy. She fled with the baby, but found out the Amber Alert was issued, so she left the baby by a dumpster and called the location into the police station. She was apprehended and the baby was alive and well. Yeah Police!
    They shared that this was the biggest event and crime in the town. I actually felt pretty good about the safety of Owingsville.
    After driving Owingsville I quickly realized that the land was steep, and not suited to my needs.  Unfortunately, Owingsville was a NO! 

    So, I headed for the city of Carlisle. One the way I realized that my cell phone needed a charge. I thought I would plug it in when I got to Carlisle, but I couldn’t locate the charger. Good Job Sherlock!  I had left the charger in the hotel in Berea. Thank God I still had the wonderful Dora the Explora.
    I began my Carlisle tour talking with Officer Scott Johnson for 45 minutes. What a great guy!

 A great guy!

    He gave me a lot of advice and agreed with everyone else that Irvine was a problem that I should avoid.
    The town of Carlisle was quaint.

 This is the Carlisle City Hall.  
What a beautiful building!

This is the Police Station where I met Officer Johnson
The church on the left is one of four on the square.
I laughed because there is no parking.
Where do all of the people park on Sunday morning.
We couldn't spread out the churches in the town? 

         Once again I discovered a great town, but the land is steep and not rolling. Bummer!  Carlisle is a big NO!
         I drove to the next hotel and another BUMMER – it was sold out. Some major thing is going on in Lexington with horses, so most of the hotels are unavailable. I ended up in the Best Western in Georgetown. They were wonderful and the manager actually let me use his personal cell phone to let my Mom know that I was alive and well. I did buy a $5.00 that had a whole 10 minutes of time.  Oh well – it got me home.

 One more day to go and then the blog goes back to normal.

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