Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What the Beck???

My Second Trip to Kentucky
Last day...I swear...

     My final city for this trip was Shelbyville, Kentucky. This is one of the largest cities on my list. Shelbyville currently has a population of 14,045.  After this trip - Shelbyville is a YES!!!!!!

I began my time here at McKinley's Bread Shop and Diner.
 This place came highly recommended from the the city hall clerk.
Apparently, this is a family owned business, and
the food was outstanding!
Most of the staff strongly physically resembled 
each other - siblings or cousins?

The deli was quaint and cozy. This photo 
was taken when I arrived. When I left, 
the place was hoppin' and packed.

This panini was to die for, because it was made as a
Gouda & Turkey Panini on Focaccia bread
with a spread of cranberry pecan mayo dressing,
 and topped with slices of bacon.
What a great idea for one to make at home!
I also loved the baked chips.

I laughed so hard when I read this sign.
Yes, I was standing on the sidewalk roaring!
I'm sure anyone who saw me assumed that I was
definitely a client! Maybe I should be!
If I move here at least there is a place
to go, if I lose my mind!

The teacher in me was really interested
in this historical sign. I loved teaching
American History.

I thought their government center was a beautiful building.

Shelbyville has several "antique malls".
This one was called The Calico Cat Antique Mall.
The following photos are some of the mini
rooms that were interesting.
I loved that white cabinet in the back.

This room was cool because it had antique bridal wear.

These were my purchases for the day. 
I think I spent a whole $1.50.

I love the names of the stores in this town. 
The are fun and playful names!
The Paisley Pig was another antique mall.

Don't ya love the names, too?
This store was a clothing store.
Their items appeared high end for consignment.

This was my favorite shop of the day. 
I bought a welcome sign for my front door, 
and a polka dot plate that I absolutely adore. 
This will be the plate I eat off of every day, 
because it just makes me smile. 

I can't use it until spring, but I liked 
that it was large and cute.

The blue is the bag I brought it home in - oops!
I just think this plate is the cat's meow!

This boutique was originally a dance studio, 
but they turned it into a children's store. It 
sells everything from tutus to prom dresses, 
and bibs to overalls. It also had a consignment 
area for the frugal shopper. 

Even the curtains made me smile.

I took a photo of these bibs because I thought 
I could come home and remake them for gifts.

This was the Shelbyville countryside.
Can you say Mooooooo?

I just love cattle!

This was one of the current properties for sale.
 I liked the house and barn. 

It was very farmish!

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