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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What the Beck????
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Second Trip to Kentucky cont.

         On Tuesday morning, I awoke about five o’clock, which was shocking, because I got about seven hours sleep. I was dead to the world after all of that driving. I usually get about five hours, so this was a rejuvenating night.
         I ate the hotel breakfast, which was good, and headed out into the foggy countryside to look at the land of a few properties. The first home had a very long tree-lined driveway. Some of the 13.7 acres was open, but most was wooded. Bummer! I drove to the next property, and couldn’t even see anything. The fog was ridiculous. I thought that I had better investigate the town until the fog cleared.

It was a beautiful long lane

The house was interesting!

         I desperately needed a Diet Coke or Iced Tea, so I stopped at the Berea Coffee and Tea Shop. Can you believe that they were out of Diet Coke?  What is up with that? So I took my meds with an Iced Tea.

I love that all of the buildings
on this street are a fresh white

         The Warren A. May Woodworker Shop was around the corner. My brother-in-law and his sons are amazing with wood so I wanted to visit this shop. I bought a beautiful cherry breadboard. Mr. May also creates amazing musical instruments. I was blown away by his work.
I love my new breadboard

The detail is amazing
Wow!  I thought they were beautiful
  One of my favorite stores was the Appalachian Fireside Gallery. 

         This phenomenal store is part of a coop of crafters. This store was right up my alley!  The quilts took my breath, and made me long to go home and begin quilting again. This was just the motivation that I needed. They had so many wonderful things. Madonna, you would have loved this store! One of the funniest things I found were feather dangly earrings. I wore those in the 70’s!  Are they back?  They were definitely a blast from my past. I bought some great woven coasters for my living room.

This quilt was 100% hand made

I loved the stitching

Quilted pot holders

I loved the colors in this one

This store was located in the old Berea Bank and Trust

I was in the vault looking out.

Another great quilt

         My final morning store was called Student Crafts. All items in the store were created by students at Berea College. Students were demonstrating their skills in weaving using a loom, chair and ottoman caning, creating pieces of jewelry, and making pottery. I also took photos of an old country game which was also made by the students.

This is the game
You spin the dowel at the end,
 and it knocks down the pegs

            Berea college is unique. According to their website, students have to be “academically competitive” and meet certain expectations listed in the site.  The address is:
         The website stated that, “Every Berea student is awarded our Tuition Promise Scholarship. The amount of the scholarship will vary depending on financial need, and the presence of any additional outside scholarships. The important thing is that, together, these resources cover the entire cost of tuition, which totals $24,300 for the 2015-2016 school year. The actual cost to students and their families is $0.
         Berea is the only one of America’s top colleges that awards every enrolled student a no-tuition promise. Though admission to Berea is highly competitive, every successful applicant is assured that tuition is completely covered. Part of this financial assistance stems from Berea’s endowment and annual donations from Berea alums.
In many cases, we can even offer additional financial aid to assist with housing, meals, and other fees—not loans—according to each student’s need. Simply put, students at Berea College pay what they can afford.”
         The students I talked to told me that working in the community was part of a requirement for no tuition.  What a wonderful idea. I found these crafters to be outstanding.

More about the trip to come Friday.

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