Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015

What the Beck???
Have you been to…

I love this Geneva business!  

I had Bunko this week and was too busy to bake something,
so I went to my fall back position...Cocoa Bean!
I brought nine "little" desserts from the third shelf,
and then decided to share the wealth
and bought three from the second shelf
for Mom, Ron, and my sister, Susan
My ulterior motive was to bring my Godson Wyatt a chocolate chip cookie, too. (not shown)

A New Find…

Bunko was last Thursday,
 and I was thrilled to discover a new idea!
Have you ever made a caramel apple?
Well, this way was brilliant, and you can personalize it!
The apples came in a bag, precut (reduce prep time),
The bottles contained caramel, our choices of toppings were:
mini chocolate chips, chopped peanuts, coconuts, and
dry roasted nuts.  You could add anything you wanted to the tray.
I love, love, love this idea!
Meggie - this would be great for a party!

Bucket List Update
Academy Award Nominated Movies

1956             Friendly Persuasion
                  starring: Gary Cooper, Dorothy McQuire, Anthony Perkins,                             and Marjorie Main.
                  plot – The dilemma a Quaker family faces when the Civil War                        closes in on their family farm.
                  This was a great movie!  I find the Quaker lifestyle interesting.                   They are truly brave to live a nonviolent life in time of war.

1957              12 Angry Men
                  starring: Lee J. Cobb, E.G. Marshall, Jack Warden, Ed Begley,                          Martin Balsam, John Fiedler, Jack Klugman, and                                       Henry Fonda
                  plot – A boy is alleged to have killed his father. This shows                        the court case where in initial vote is 11 to 12, as the                        jury struggles to decide a verdict.
                  I love, love, loved this movie. The acting was outstanding and                   the cast amazing. I remembered so many of the cast members                       from my childhood, and it was great to see them in these roles.                        A great film!

1958              Separate Tables
                  starring: David Niven and Burt Lancaster
                  plot – The stories of a group of people staying at a hotel.
                  This was a well-written story. I liked seeing all of the different                   stories of the patrons. It made me think about all of the people                   I encountered at the hotel in Kentucky. What was their story? 

1959             Anatomy of a Murder
                  starring: George C. Scott, Jimmy Stewart, Eve Arden, Lee                          Remick, and Ben Gazarra
                  plot – This was another courtroom drama.
                  I loved this movie, too. Scott and Stewart were outstanding as                   opposing adversaries. The characters were so well developed                   that I felt like I really knew who they were. This great movie                   lost to Ben-Hur, unfortunately.

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