Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

What the Beck???

My Second Trip to Kentucky

     Stamping Ground is a very small town of 675 people. The town was destroyed in 1974 by a tornado, and really has not rebounded like it should have by now. I thought only one building remained, but apparently the research stated there were three left standing. There was no loss of life even though almost all of the business district was wiped off of the map. The town also suffered two other disasters in history. There was a major fire in 1916 and 1920 that also destroyed the town. I fell in love with this area, which is near Lexington, Kentucky.  Here  are some photos from my journey to Stamping Ground.
     According to  "The latest available numbers show 634 inhabitants, one grocery store, one gas station, one garage, one school, one physician, four churches, one bank, one post office, one restaurant, one Masonic Lodge, one pharmacy and a Dollar General. The city has a Police Department, a Volunteer Fire Department, and a County EMS station within the city limits."  The population was not current and I never found the restaurant.

 The road into Stamping Grove shows 
the beautiful rolling terrain

 The first person I met was so sweet and kind. 
Her name is Lynn Frederick.
Lynn owns Shear Blessing the local beauty parlor.
She spent an hour with me answering question after question.
I owe a lot of info. to Lynn.  Thanks so much!

     As Lynn and I were chatting, she noticed that the new mayor, Kayla Jones, was out walking. Lynn went outside and called her over to meet me. The two of them had so many questions about what I love to do and feel I am good at, and then tried to sell me on moving to Stamping Ground. They said I should open a restaurant that would bring the people back to the town. They said they also need shops. Why does everyone want me to work??? I have only been retired for four and a half months, and have already had so many offers for jobs.  It is shocking to me. I did really like the restaurant idea. It put a little thought to ponder in my mind, but I could only do it if my sister Diane moved with me because she could run it for me.  I would help out, and it would really be fun to try something new. Yikes!  What am I saying?

 The spring

The sign was a smart warning!

This is a part of the spring, also.

This is the park where the spring is located. 
At the top of the hill, is a playground for the kids,
and the path in front is the half mile path for walkers.
The cool thing I loved were the exercise machines at 
the top of the hill that were made specifically to be
outdoors. I needed some exercise after driving around
all day, so I walked the path and exercised for awhile.
It was a really nice end to my trip to Stamping 
This town is a definite YES!!!

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