Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

What the Beck?

My Second Trip to Kentucky

    Okay, the land exploration of Berea is completed, so I returned to town for further investigation.  I knew that this was my last day in Berea, so I had to make it count. I love that I spent two full days in this town, because it has been wonderful.
    I headed for the Old Town Artisan Village on North Broadway. Here is a brief photo array of what I experienced.

         The artisans in the area are quite talented.

              A large four footed animal. What is it?

                    I was fascinated by the roof. 
                How did it keep water out?


                This log cabin was locked, but adorable.

    My first store in this part of town was called Honeysuckle Vine. Here I bought a beautiful table runner and four placemats.

                         I loved all of the choices

         These are the placemats and runner I purchased

    Madonna, Get ready…they have a yarn store called Fiber Frenzy. They make all types of specialty yarns created in the town as well as others. The yarns I looked over were beautiful.

         I did visit others stores but didn’t purchase anything in these stores.  They were:
                   Gastineau Studio,  Weaver’s Bottom Craft Studio (that made beautiful rugs), The Gallery, and lastly The Family Tree (everything from furniture, woodwork, yard ornaments…)

         Of course, I had to visit the Madison County Animal Shelter. I am such a sucker for homeless dogs, maybe that should be my calling rather than large animals!  Hmmmmm.
I am really wrestling with my future right now. 
         They had just brought in puppies. They had three dropped off a little while before I arrived.

                                      They were so darn cute!
                           I don't think they will be here long

Why aren’t people spaying and neutering their dogs???  Smartin’ up out there, because these sad and beautiful faces are the result of your foolishness.

                                                                               So happy to see me

                                                               A real sweetheart

                                             I just need a hug

                                                                              A very tall hound

                                                  A Talker

                                     Cute and white and so sad 

                                             A little nervous

         I cried…I wept…I wanted to save them all.  I broke every rule I have been living with and stopped at Dairy Queen to end my crying fest.  I discovered the most sinful, luscious, ridiculously rich blizzard.  I ordered a medium salted caramel truffle blizzard. Sad, but true.

    As I was wolfing my treat, I heard a Mom say to her child, “Go get you a napkin.”  Sentence structure is a little different in some places, and it made me smile.
    So I decided to laugh and enjoy the differences.

    "Okay y’all, I am now fixin’ to publish this entry – enjoy!"

I was finally done investigating Berea and I learned:
1.     There is a tremendous amount of property here that is rolling and not mountainous.
2.     I would love to live near the “nobs” because they are beautiful in the distance.
3.     The countryside around Berea is exactly what I long for in a new home location!
4.     I may have a problem living in a “nob” valley. It actually came to me after I returned to Illinois. My dilemma is: if they have a lot of snow, does the snow melt flood the nob valley??? That would make that area of the town a NO, however there is other area land that is a YES.
5.     A major downside to the area is that this town has a secret NO NO that I won’t put on line, but would be happy to share on the phone.  I still am leaving this town a YES.

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