Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 38 Tuesday (9/30/14)

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Blackberry Margaritas
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         I never really understood the whole salt rim thing on cocktails. I do like the fact that is it really cold and smooth. I wish I ate blackberries because this one is such an awesome looking drink.
         Remember that blackberries give us 50% of our Vitamin C. So raise your glass and toast to Ree.

Special Event:  My 40th Class Reunion

       It all began on Friday with the second pedicure of my life. I decided to spruce myself up a little and splurge on a pedicure since I am now wearing sandals a lot. I scheduled one at Tranquility (the same place I get my monthly massage). I did find it a good experience. I do have to say that my toes look better than they ever have before.
       Saturday arrived and I began by cleaning most of the house. I had a hair appointment with the fabulous Colleen Addante at 12:00. As usual, she did an amazing job cutting and coloring my hair, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Here I was preparing to get in the car
       Gary called and told me to meet the guys at a bar in Batavia, but I couldn’t do it because I arrived home too late. So, I decided to meet them at Lincoln Inn. The last thing to do before I left was to take the dogs out for a final bathroom run. As I was coming in, I stepped on a nail in the yard (from my old roof). It went right through my sandal into the ball of my foot beneath my toes. We had a little bleeding, and then I cleansed and bandaged it, and chose to ignore it and enjoy my night with old friends.
         The night was wonderful. I saw so many people that I remembered, and touched base with old friends. As usual, Gary, Jim, Jeff, and Bill offered me drinks (which I declined) and made me feel special.
         I am so glad that Gary called and told me “We are going.”  It was a night to remember.

My nametag

My Gorgeous Girls

         Lately, I keep checking on Willow’s hair growth. The hair on her belly from her biopsy is slowly growing back in but finer. The hair behind her ear from the tumor removal is soft and smooth but hardy long at all. Finally, the hair on her leg where they shaved for the IV is nonexistent. I think this is because she licks it. Okay, this is dumb and I just need to GET OVER IT. I sometimes dwell on the dumbest things.

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