Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 34 Tuesday (9/2/14)

There is hope in the world!  I learned something new recently.  I learned how to make the pictures fill the entire screen so the people and items are easier to see.  Good Lord! Some things take so long to figure out for me - technology being the main one.

Recipe Review      

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Smoothies
         My ideas on different possibilities – no Ree today.

Calories will vary depending on your choices of ingredients

I know it isn't the most appetizing breakfast,
but the taste can blow you away!
         I love having a smoothie for breakfast. I used to create one made with milk, a banana, a Granny Smith apple or two, and some malted milk powder. The powder was to make me believe that I was drinking a chocolate shake. My friend Jenny and I bought a NutraBullet from Bed, Bath, and Beyond which makes creating a single serving smoothie a breeze. If you are going to make several for the week, I recommend a regular size blender.
         Lately, I have been making one with a lot of protein in it. I am a cottage cheese freak. Mom used to serve us cottage cheese on peaches or pears. My current shake is made of cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt, 2 bananas, and some granola and some of that healthy powder from the health food store. I am thinking of changing my fruit to peaches because that seems like a nice change. Of course, berries would be a great substitution if I could eat them, but I can’t.

Special Event:  The Aurora Farmers’ Market

My cousin, Linda, introduced me to the Aurora Farmer’s Market. I loved our first trip. I bought some of the most amazing cheese. One was triple whipped and layered like a cake with apricot jam between layers. It was really more of a dessert than a slice of cheese. The other was a fabulous dill cheese. This is so flavorful on a wheat cracker.
         My other purchase was sweet corn. I purchased six ears in a green mesh bag. This was the sweetest corn I have ever eaten. I didn’t even put any butter on the corn because it just wasn’t necessary.  What a great place to shop.

My Gorgeous Girls

         I love being home during a long weekend. The Labor Day Weekend was extremely important because I needed to catch up on a lot of things like: the laundry, the yard, the blog, cooking, and cleaning the house.
         The true joy of the weekend was spending time with Willow and Sage. Tonight, as I work, Willow is at my side on the floor sleeping. Sage is lying by the front door incase we have an intruder. Oh my Lions, and Tigers, and Bears (only in Sage’s mind, of course).
         So for me, happiness is time at home with my girls.

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