Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 35 Saturday (9/13/14)

Today’s Recipe and Location:           Hamburger Hamlet’s Zucchini Zircles
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

         If I were ever going to eat a piece of zucchini, this would be the way to go. The dipping sauce is fruity which makes it interesting to me, but I have decided that anything with a dip is pretty darn good. The other thing about this that calls to me is that it is breaded and fried. Am I back in the South again?  I swear that some of my favorite Southern foods include breading and frying something. I loved my fish that way. I loved my meat that way. I think it is a brief happy memory from my past. Oh well – enjoy this one since I can’t.

Random Reflections


       I have always hated pink flamingos in the yard because they look tacky to me. However, I fell in love with this flamingo when I was shopping in Carsons – believe it or not. I think what I really love about this sculpture is that is it metallic in color and the disks reflect the sun and really make it an interesting piece in the garden. It is also tall and stands out. Many visitors have told me how much they like the flamingo.  Who knew?

Thank God it is not pink
(even though that is my favorite color).
It would be a little tacky, if it was pink.

The sun reflects off the body!

Helpful Home Hints

         Last week, I talked about getting rid of outdated coats or ones that are too large. While I was cleaning out those old coats, I organized the rest of the closet. Michaels has these wonderful large boxes that are great for organizing hats, mittens, and blankets. These wonderful boxes make the top of the closet neat, organized, and items always in their place.  What more could a person want??

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