Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 37 Saturday (9/27/14)

What the Beck?

         This picture is the reason that for the next two weeks I will be including recipes that you will enjoy, but that I will NOT be preparing. My freezer is packed solid and I need two weeks to eat up what I have before I begin again.

         I am currently eating three meals from this freezer. It is challenging because I am out of her breakfasts so I am eating things like BBQ chicken, meatballs, and enchiladas for breakfast. This seems crazy, but I must say that eating meat has made my morning amazing, because it keeps me soooooo full. Protein is the way to go, even if it is a bit unconventional.
Random Reflections        
Yard Art – colorful spikes, owl, dragonfly…

I love this colorful dragonfly spike.
It brings happiness to the garden.

This little yellow owl began in the yellow flowers but
I later exchanged the red for the yellow so they both stood out.

This purple flower is just an outline but it adds dimension

I love this lady bug. Her colors are vibrant and iridescent

         These little spikes are colorful and add a pop of color to the gardens. I have several of each type and have them throughout the entire yard.

Helpful Home Hints

         When was the last time you cleaned underneath your sink? I must admit that it was definitely a while ago for me. Of course, I always check to see if the garbage can overflowed, but I rarely organize all of the cleaners and dishwasher supplies in that dark, deep space. This is another one of those jobs that people don’t do as often as is necessary. Of course, because of this blog, I am so much more observant both in and out of my home. Thanks to all of you, the cabinet under my kitchen sink is clean and neat.

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