Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 9 Tuesday (3/4/14)

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Bananas Foster
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From my Frontier
                           Page 256 - 257     Copyright:  2012  Harper Collins

          I absolutely love bananas!  I had never been served Bananas Foster before I made it.  The sauce is creamy and the rum and pecans added so much flavor that this was definitely a decadent dessert.  I also love ice cream so adding the sauce to the ice cream made it just what the doctor ordered. Too bad the doctor isn’t here to enjoy this scrumptious tantalizing wonder. 
         Bananas are a wonderful fruit.  Do you know that a medium size banana has only 105 calories? Yee Ha! The banana is also rich in Vitamins C and B6.  There is about 40% of those two vitamins in a banana.  Remember it also has more than 10% in potassium.  This is what I call a super fruit, and thank Heavens one that I truly love!!!!!!!!!

The warm decadent sauce softened the ice cream quickly

Today’s critics: 

         Brandy:  - Cory and I both loved it. It was really different, and something I would never try to make or think I would like. It was perfect!

Why Weight?
         One of the hardest things to overcome while you are counting calories is learning the difference between real and imagined hunger.
         I had a very hard time with this in the beginning.  I was so used to eating at certain times of the day, that I didn’t even attempt to listen to my body.  The difference between the two, varies from person to person. When I think I am hungry, I have a cup of hot tea and wait about 30 minutes.  Sometimes the hunger is real, but sometimes I am bored and think I am hungry.
         Learning to listen to what you body is really saying, and not acting when it is not real, takes some time. Before I eat anything at an unusual time, I stop and try to feel if my stomach is full or if the craving is coming from my head.  Our heads can trick up into believing it is real until we cognitively understand what each truly feels like to us.
         So before you take that bite – analyze if your hunger is real or just imagined.

My Gorgeous Girls

         Today, I really just enjoyed watching and playing with my girls. When we went outside, they ran and chased and frolicked in the snow.  Of course, Sage was on guard at any sound that was out of the ordinary.
Willow had to take breaks at times, to eat a little snow for sustenance.
         During our playtime, I realized how lucky I am to have these sweet girls. They are a blessing that gives me great joy and happiness.

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