Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 12 Monday (3/24/14)

A correction - I looked through a lot of family photos, but the one I posted of my Dad came from my cousin SueAnn in Arizona.  Sorry about the confusion - I am so grateful to her for this great picture of my Dad.

Recipe Review       

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Skewers of Glory
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman Blog

I figured out that there are 126 calories per serving, if 30 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

Today I have a wonderful guest cook and critic.  Alaina Erd is my fabulous niece who made Ree’s shewers for our holiday party.  Alaina loves and watches Ree’s show. (another Ree convert)

These make a really attractive hors de ouvres

Her review:  Skewers of glory…and man are they ever!  I wanted to make something new and Ree inspired me for Christmas. After spending around $50, I thought to myself…”Ree, this better be good.” There are no fresh, de-tailed, jumbo shrimp in the tri-cities area so I bought jumbo shrimp that were already deveined. I just thawed them. De-tailing actually wasn’t difficult or very time consuming. The trickiest part of the recipe was wrapping the pineapple. There is a distinct art to doing this. I think I figured it out on my last one. I felt assembly was required immediately before cooking, but I feel like next time I’d assemble beforehand. When all is said and done, this dish is well worth the money, time, and effort. It definitely made for some happy humans, and a wonderful holiday.  We’ll be making them again shortly!

Craft Corner       

         I was digging through the sewing room when I ran across these quilt squares. I purchased a flip calendar book a few years ago. Each day has a different quilt square to make.
         I love the squares and had a great time making them. When choosing the fabric, I decided to make a quilt that is partially black in all of the different squares and a separate quilt that is partially white. 
         The down side is that the squares are different dimensions.  So I just began making the squares and figured that eventually I would have enough to make several quilts. 
         Unfortunately, my free time was diminished over the past year as I have taught several classes at the university. I just need to make time for these things that I really enjoy.  Now that the days are longer, this really seems doable.

Random Reflections

       I am a worrier!  I feel tremendous stress on many days.  As I get older, it seems to escalate. I worry about doing something wrong. I never used to worry about these types of things when I was younger. I always went out and did what I thought was best and things always went well.
         Most of the stress I feel is in my job situation.  I have always loved my job but the tension and pressure has increased as time goes by.
         I was just watching Joel Osteen, my pastor, who said that we need to stop worrying and let it go. That I need to stop owning the stress and just enjoy the moment.  I love his sermons because they always relate to my life.
         OK – today is the day I work really hard on distressing my life.  I will continue to do the best I can and not worry what others think about it.   That sounds great – now I just need to make it work in my day to day life.

Wants and Wishes

         This week my class and I discussed a news article about a local farm that had many animals that were being removed due to neglect.  The article and news report were asking for local help to remove the animals. 
         I was really distressed by this topic. I am such an animal lover and will never understand why any animal is abused or neglected.  Why don’t people ask for help or give the animal to a shelter when they no longer want it.  “Pride goeth before the fall.”  I believe that “what goes around, comes around.”         
         I hope the people responsible are fully prosecuted. There is no excuse for such behavior.  My wish is for animal cruelty to end, NOW.

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