Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 11 Tuesday (3/18/14)

****SOMETHING NEW!!!  A big thank you to Steve Kafkas for a wonderful suggestion. Steve thought it would be a great idea to put a direct link to Ree’s blog where everyone can click and get the blog recipes immediately.  This is fabulous because the more people who learn about and visit her blog, the more scrumptious food is being created out there.  Thanks Steve – I actually figured out how to do it all by myself.  Yeah!  Ree's pictures are a heck of a lot better than mine – try not to judge me too harshly.

Recipe Review 

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Monster Cookies
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman Blog

I figured out that there are 202 calories per serving, if 36 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

         I am in love with these cookies.  They are so hearty and made with everything but the kitchen sink.  I first began loving oatmeal cookies when I visited my Grandma.  She made great cookies.  These cookies are an improvement on the old standard.  They are moist, but Ree has added so many goodies into the recipe that you can’t help but smile as the variety of tastes attack your taste buds.  I love chocolate and candy.

The happy colors of M & M's

Today’s critics:
         I shared these cookies with my university students who said:
         “We really needed these cookies today.”
         “These cookies are a good combination of flavors”

Why Weight?

         Eating out is really hard when you are counting calories.  If I go out to a place like Chipotle or Panera, it is not inconvenient because they have the calorie counts listed on the menu.  Unfortunately, when you go to a sit-down restaurant you are on your own.
         I do not want to limit where I go with my friends so I always reserve 1,000 calories if I know I am going out to dinner.  That way, I have no guilt or remorse because I have saved enough calories for a great dinner. 

My Gorgeous Girls

         As I reported last Tuesday, I was really worried about Willow’s cyst/tumor.  We went to the groomer and I had the vet recheck the nasty little growth. She aspirated it and found out that most of it was fluid. I told her that I really wanted it out, because since it was made up of a lot of fluid and some solid mass it would probably return. I made the decision to have it removed. The dogs got their teeth cleaned last July, but I would like to move it up and have it done at the same time to avoid having Willow anesthetized twice. So in the upcoming weeks Willow will undergo the knife and both of us will feel a lot better. Okay – I will feel a lot better because I don’t think it even bothers Willow.

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